Release Notes#

1.1.0 (2021-12-22)#

This version is a minor update to v1.0. It comes with updated input data, updated dependencies, several convenience features, several optional overrides, and with massively extended documentation. You should not expect model results to deviate much from v1.0.

In the following, we split additions, fixes, and updates between those which affect the data and configuration in the final models, and those which affect the workflow creating the models. If you are a user of the pre-built models, you only need to care about the former. If you build models yourself, you likely care about all changes.

Added (models)#

  • ADD documentation to ReadTheDocs (#114) and extend it massively:
    • ADD an entire section for each use case: the pre-built models and the workflow (#154).
    • ADD a troubleshooting section (#159).
    • ADD templates to our issue tracker (#156).
    • ADD a visualisation of directed acyclic graph spanned by all workflow rules (#108).
    • ADD a complete enumeration of the configuration parameters of the workflow (#68).
    • ADD a developer documentation that aids contributions (#109).
    • ADD a visualisation of administrative units on all three spatial resolutions (#165).
  • ADD national net-transfer capacities from ENTSO-E TYNDP 2020 scenarios as optional override (#61).
  • ADD Danish Energy Agency and Schroeder et al (2013) cost data as well as no hydro fixed costs as optional overrides (#18, #129).
  • ADD override to constrain energy to power ratios of battery and hydrogen storage (#130).
  • ADD option to shed load at all locations (#131).

Added (workflow)#

  • ADD automatic downloads of the following datasources:
    • EEZ (#99),
    • hydro basins data (#34),
    • biofuels potential and cost data (#194).
  • ADD ability to move working directory (#45).
  • ADD schema that automatically validates configuration files (#45).
  • ADD minimal configuration to be able to test the entire workflow more quickly (#60).
  • ADD installation of curl and unzip from conda-forge, to increase portability (#59).
  • ADD sync infrastructure to easily send and receive files to and from a cluster (#74).
  • ADD parameter station-nearest-basin-max-km controlling the mapping of hydro power stations to basins (#138).
  • ADD optional email notifications whenever builds fail or succeed (#92).
  • ADD option to choose solar and wind potential scenario, limiting the amount of eligible surfaces (#153).

Updated (models)#

  • UPDATE Calliope version from 0.6.5 to 0.6.7 (#73).
  • UPDATE EEZ updated from v10 to v11 (difference in offshore area is < 1% for all relevant countries) (#99).
  • UPDATE IRENA hydro generation data from 2018 to 2020 (#40).
  • UPDATE JRC hydro database v4 -> v9 (#48, #57). This entails one patch being removed:
    1. Romanian PHS data is no longer manually added from Geth et al. (2015).
  • UPDATE By default, pumped hydro capacity is based on JRC hydro database only, not according to Geth et al. (2015) (#49).
  • UPDATE JRC biofuel potentials data source from @RuizCastello:2015 to ENSPRESO (@Ruiz:2019) (#194). This changes the potentials of the continent (0.1% less), Montenegro (93% less), North Macedonia (44% less), the UK (6% more), and the Netherlands (1% less).
  • UPDATE Improve gap-filling method for national electricity load data (#3).

Updated (workflow)#

  • UPDATE Workflow build metadata is built as part of the rule all instead of the rule model (#126).
  • UPDATE ENTSO-E national electricity load data gap filling methods (priority order, interpolation distance, outlier handling, 29th Feb handling) included in config (#42, #91).
  • UPDATE location of non-automatically derivable datasets: they are not included in the workflow repository anymore, but instead published separately on Zenodo (#201).
  • UPDATE Make scaling pumped hydro capacity according to Geth et al. (2015) optional with a boolean config parameter scale-phs-according-to-geth-et-al which defaults to False (no scaling) (#49).
  • UPDATE dependencies (#44, #73, #142):
    • Python 3.7 -> 3.8
    • Snakemake 5.8.2 -> 6.1.1 (uses mamba by default)
    • atlite -> 0.2.1
    • geo packages from gdal 2.4 -> 3.2.1
    • Updates to NumPy, Pandas, xarray, pytest, and others

Fixed (models)#

  • FIX variable cost of biofuels. This reduces variable cost of biofuels from 64.83 to 44.14 €/MWh_el (32%) using the default settings.
    • Fix cost of municipal waste (#193).
    • Fix alignment of cost and potential years for biofuels (#195).
  • FIX the centroid determination of all locations which had been calculated on an unprojected reference system before and was therefore slightly off (#147).

1.0.0 (2020-07-01)#

First public release.